8 Ways to Improve your website Design

Mobile phone

1. Make sure the ratio of the images is the same.

This refers to the ratio of the product images, and definitely when they are rollovers – this keeps the site looking professional and inconsistencies can be distracting. 

Save using different ratios creatively as hero, lifestyle and banner images.

2. Use a neutral background.

A neutral background helps keep the focus on the  keeps  products, not the background.

3. Lay out with colour in mind.

When products are shown on the same page lay out order the items within that category by colour. Just as people layout Instagrams grids using carefully selected colour. This is visually so much more pleasing.

4. Choose great 'Hero' images.

This is the image on your landing page that sets the tone of voice for the brand. If you want to use more than one images, an image slider can show a number of images.

5. Have a clearly defined brand.

A clear brand image helps build trust with visitors. People want to understand, clearly what the brand is about and if it alights with them. Don’t try and be everything to everyone, you won’t build a loyal customer base this way.

6. Design for mobile first

Mobile use shouldn’t be an afterthought, most searches are now done on mobile devices and viewed on small screens. 

7. Ditch the effects

Images that are zooming in and out or constantly moving in some way as you navigate around the screen can be really distracting.

These effect can also slow your site down.

8. Leave some space

Just because there is space it does not need to be filled. ‘Negative space’ as it is referred to in the design world allows images to stand out. When text is cramped on a page it can be difficult to read and follow.

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