Simple Clothing & Product Images

These product and clothing images are taken without a model, cut-out and shown on a pure white background. These are ideal for displaying on websites, line sheets and for sending to magazines for creating composite features.

I have written an in depth article about photographing clothing for websites on my Taste for Freedom site, click HERE to read it and see more examples.

Meet cara

Invisible Mannequin

A rare appearance by Cara the invisible mannequin. If she had a head and feet she’d be about 5’10” (180cm) tall.

She measures:
Bust: 34″
Waist: 25.5″
Hips: 36″

As she is made from fibreglass, larger clothes can be pinned and padded to a certain extent. However, she doesn’t have any ‘give’ – please keep this in mind when  samples are particularly small and made from fabrics without stretch.

I have written an article about photographing clothing on an invisible mannequin on my Taste for Freedom website, click HERE to read it and see more examples.

Simple Presentation

Wall Hanging

Displaying clothing on hangers with a background or as cut-outs is an alternative  option to invisible mannequin.

The example here shows a platinum background.

Cut outs and more


Accessories and products can be photographed as cut-out – with a pure white background, or with a ‘natural’ white background. Coloured and creative backgrounds are another option – great for banner images and social media.

Usually, at least, two views are used – see the example shoe by tapping or rolling over the image.





Items can be shipped to the studio, where they will be carefully unpacked. Before photographing they will be pressed or steamed as required for the best results. Items will be photographed taking account of any styling instructions you may have provided. 

Some garments, such as halter-neck and strappy tops require more work are priced accordingly. Please ask for a quote.

For creative product shots using coloured backgrounds or special lighting techniques the Standard Rates for a half day or full day’s shooting applies.

No VAT is charged.

Images from:

£ 12
per basic item
  • Additional views from: £8 for shoes & bags
  • Minimum spend: £250