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Clothing, accessories and jewellery images are most often displayed as ‘cut-outs’ on e-commerce websites. Clothing images can be taken without a model using a mannequin or as flat lays from above. Depending on the fabric and style, some garments are more suitable for than others for flat lay photography. You can read more about this and see examples of product photography in my Definitive Guide to Photography for Fashion Websites.

Items can be shipped to the studio, where they will be carefully unpacked and prepared for photographing. Item will be pressed, steamed or polished as required for the best results. They will then be photographed taking account of any styling instructions you may have provided. 

Some garments, such as halter-neck and strappy tops require multiple images and take additional time in post production. These are priced accordingly. Please ask for a quote.

Cream cardigan
Lily & Bean bag

Clothing, Accessory & Product Prices

Creative Banner & Lifestyle Image Prices

For multiple products to be included in one image, flat lays and creative product shots using coloured backgrounds, props or special lighting techniques the price is charged for the time used at £145 per hour. These images would usually be commissioned in addition to the single product images. The time taken depends on the complexity of the brief, it may be more economical to book a half day or day depending on the brief.

The prices are on this page listed as Standard Rates. Please get in touch with your requirements and I can provide an estimate. 

Colourful bags
Skin care product oil
Colourful gels
Fragrance with flowers

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