Terms & conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before using the services offered by Caroline Reed Photography (“The Photographer”). Theses Terms apply to all users of the Services (“Photo shoots”, “job”, “work”) .


In keeping with current industry standards and copyright law, commissioned images remain the copyright of Caroline Reed Photography. This protects the interests of us, the photographer, against subsequent reproduction or distribution of the images beyond their initial agreed use.

Sole usage rights of any commissioned image remain with the client. The images can not be re-assigned to a third party by the Photographer. Neither can the Client sell the images to a third party.

Caroline Reed Photography retain the right to use the image for marketing and self-promotional purposes, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If photography is commissioned by an agency it is the responsibility of the agency to ensure that all visuals/briefs or ideas for the photography are original in content. Caroline Reed Photography or those working for them will not be held responsible for any action brought by a third party for copyright or intellectual property infringement. 

In commissioning Caroline Reed Photography or those working for them, you are declaring your agreement to be bound by the above copyright terms and conditions. Should the aforementioned terms and conditions be broken, you may be liable to legal proceedings taken against you in accordance with the UK Copyrights and Patents Act 1988.


Payment is due on receipt of invoice. If payment is not made by the date specified on the invoice, the license to use the images may be revoked.

Where invoices have not been paid Caroline Reed Photography reserves the right to suspend the provision of services until funds have been cleared in full. Details of how to pay are included on the invoice, BACS is the preferred method of payment.

No VAT is charged as Caroline Reed Photography is not VAT registered.

By prior agreement, additional services, such and model and make up artist and hair fees may be paid direct to them under their own terms, even if arranged by Caroline Reed Photography on the Client’s behalf. Any fees or expenses incurred during the photoshoot are the liability of the Client.

Photography Brief

Detailed instructions must be made clear to Caroline Reed Photography as to how items are to be photographed before work commences. Any special requested must be confirmed in writing and mutually accepted. 

If the Client is not present during the photo shoot then the Photographer’s interpretation of the brief shall be deemed acceptable to the Client.

Unless expressly agreed in writing between the Parties, the Client shall not be entitled to reject the resulting images on the basis of style or composition.

If during the work it become apparent that the scope of the work is exceeding the original brief, the photographer retains the right to increase the fees accordingly. If a photoshoot overruns the booked time, overtime is charged at £200 per hour, not including any third party fees or charges.

Delivery & Return

The Client is responsible for the delivery and return of the items, unless otherwise agreed. If return is arranged by Caroline Reed Photography the Client will be charged an additional cost of £10 plus the courier fee. 

Location Photo Shoots

There are additional considerations applicable to location photo shoot.
If the shoot is weather dependant arrangements need to be agreed, in advance, in the event of the weather not being suitable for shooting outdoors. This can be an alternative indoor or semi covered location or rescheduling on a mutually agreed date. 

Any fees, deposits, and costs associated with the location are the responsibility of the Client.

Digital Image Storage

The Client shall ensure that digital copies of the images are kept safe. The Photographer will endeavour to archived images for 6 months from the date of photographing, however the Photographer is not liable for storing the images.

Insurance & Liability

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure there is sufficient insurance cover for their products. Caroline Reed Photography accepts no responsibility for items left at the studio from damage, theft and loss whilst the items are at the studio or taken on location for a shoot.


The Client must satisfy him / herself that that all the necessary permissions, right and releases or consents have been obtained that may be required for reproduction of the images. The Client shall indemnify the photographer against all expenses, damages or claims arising from any such failure.

Force Majeure

In the event of services being prevented or delayed by accidents, events or acts outside of their control, Caroline Reed Photography shall not be held liable.

Change of Terms

Caroline Reed Photography may amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. The version of the Terms agreed will be the date the agreement to work. Ongoing clients will be notified of the amended terms prior to the next job.

February 2021